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Rules & Regulation



1. Tennis courts may be used between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm, seven days a week. Court lights are controlled by a timer and must be reset before time runs out or you will have to wait approximately 20 minutes for lights to come back on. 

2. Court access will be restricted during times of repair work. Advanced notice of repairs will be posted whenever possible. 


1. The Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch Tennis Club, Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch HOA (Association), Castle Group Property Management, and Blackwood Tennis Management are not responsible for personal injury or loss or damage to personal property. 

2. Residents must be in good standing to use the tennis facilities, including current on all fees and assessments and in compliance with all Association rules and regulations. 

3. USTA’s “The Code” is a guide to fair play, tennis etiquette and the unwritten rules of tennis. A copy can be found at Del Webb players are asked to familiarize themselves with this guide. 

4. The Tennis Club must approve formation of a league tennis team. Players on league tennis teams must be Del Webb residents and members of the Del Webb Tennis Club.

5. Proper tennis attire is required at all times. Only rubber-soled tennis shoes are permitted. Playing barefoot, in street shoes or running shoes is prohibited. Shirts are required. 

6. No pets will be allowed on the tennis courts. 

7. No bicycles, rollerblades, skates, toys, strollers, playpens, carriages, or the like are allowed on the courts. 

8. No glass containers are allowed in the court area. 

9. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by resident adults.

10. A maximum of 3 guests are allowed per resident. A Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch resident must accompany all guests or the guests must wear the green wristband at all times. The resident will be responsible for the conduct, dress and action of their guests. All guests must have a signed liability waiver on record. 

11. Teaching Professionals are not considered “guests” of the courts. 

12. Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated and will result in suspension of tennis facility privileges for a length of time as determined by Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch HOA Directors. Further, the full cost of repairing the vandalism will be the responsibility of the specific resident. If a minor commits vandalism, the full cost of repairing the damage will be the responsibility of the minor’s family. The minor shall also be subject to the suspension of privileges as stated above. 

13. Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch Tennis Club and the Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch HOA have the right to organize and present outings benefiting Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch and, therefore, may reserve the required number of courts at their discretion. 

14. Club rosters, phone lists, resident lists, and similar information shall be considered proprietary information of Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch HOA. 

15. Do not abuse tennis nets, surface, or equipment. If any equipment is damaged, please contact the Blackwood Tennis Management staff,

16. Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch team League play, practice schedules and programming will be posted in advance beyond 7 days. 


1. Sign up is limited to 7 days in advance. 

2. Reservations are made at and are limited to 1.5 hours of play in the mornings and two hours for afternoon and evening play. Play may continue if the next reservation is defaulted with no one waiting to play. Please yield courts promptly. 

3. No two consecutive or concurrent time slots may be reserved by the same resident or playing residents of his or her party. Only one court may be reserved per reservation/time slot. 

4. Default time is ten minutes after scheduled start time. After this time has expired, the court will be considered open for play. 

5. Reservations may be made for your household or tennis party only.

6. Residents who are members of the Del Webb Tennis Club only may register to play in activities that are organized by the Tennis Club. 

7. Requests for reserving the courts for social activities, tournaments, league play, etc. must be submitted to the Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch Tennis Club for approval. The Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch Tennis Club has the right to reserve the courts for such events. 

8. If known in advance that you are unable to play at a time you reserved, you are required to cancel your reservation from the on-line system so others can reserve the time slot. Repeated failures to cancel reservations may result in disciplinary actions. 


1. Each approved league team is allowed a maximum of 3 courts for practice sessions.

2. All new team formation requests must be submitted to the Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch Tennis Club for approval. 

3. League practice or coaching for five or less people will utilize only one court.

4. League make-up matches shall not interfere with previously scheduled league practice or matches. A captain has the privilege of being able to schedule a make-up match as many days in advance as necessary except during prime time. 

5. All home matches may start no earlier than 10 am. Make-up matches will be allowed to proceed to their conclusion, provided a two-hour reservation outside of prime time was made, even if they run over into another reservation. 

6. Teams are responsible for leaving tennis courts and rest rooms in a neat and tidy condition. This includes the seating area and other common grounds. 

7. Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch residents may become a member of the Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch team provided that they join the Tennis Club and their individual playing level complies with the level requirement of the team. Each team member is expected to conduct him/herself in a respectful and non-confrontational manner. 

8. Teams must coordinate with Blackwood Tennis Management for their team’s coaching needs. 


1. Tennis Etiquette must be followed at all times. Abide by all rules posted on the entrance gates to the tennis courts. 

2. If you are feeling sick, do not use the tennis courts.

3. Please wait until play has stopped before crossing behind other players or retrieving a ball. Return balls for other players whenever possible. 

4. When entering or leaving courts please use designated gates for the designated court. Do not walk through an occupied court if you can walk outside the fence.

5. Avoid loud conversations, abusive language, or any other actions, which may distract other players. This also applies to non-players immediately outside the fence.

6. Please turn off cell phones, pagers, radios or other devices, which may distract players.

7. No games, other than tennis, are permitted on the courts. 

8. Parents, please spend time discussing tennis rules and tennis etiquette with children before bringing them to tennis courts. 

9. Keep court gates closed. 

10. No racquet throwing, banging on nets or fences. Any property or equipment damage may result in loss of resident privileges. 

11. Please remove your belongings and trash after play. 

12. Be sure to allow time to groom your court and clean the lines after you finish playing. This is a requirement and a courtesy to the players that follow you. 

13. Del Webb participates in a program to recycle balls. Please put used tennis balls in the tubes located by the benches between courts or in the recycling box located near the pro shop. 


1. Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch has appointed Blackwood Management Company as the community’s official and exclusive tennis, bocce and pickleball service provider.

2. All professional instructional services will be under the direction of Blackwood Management.

3. All tennis professionals not authorized by Blackwood Tennis are prohibited.

4. Residents in good standing will have the right to participate in all programming provided by Blackwood Management. 


1. Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch residents, members of their family and their guests are required to comply with the rules as stated. 

2. The Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch Tennis Club, Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch HOA, Castle Group Property Management Company and the Blackwood Management are authorized and directed to enforce all rules. 

3. Homeowners are encouraged to report any violations to the Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch Tennis Club Members, Del Webb at Lakewood Ranch HOA Members, Castle Group Property Management HOA office or Blackwood Management. Violations may result in suspension of use of the facility.